Omar El Ferkouss
Omar El Ferkouss, M.Sc.
Ancien(ne) étudiant(e) - Maîtrise


My project is about developping an OpenFlow 1.1 switch over EZchip NP-4. After the implementation, I participate to write a paper about the flexibility of an OpenFlow 1.1 switch over EZchip NP-4.
Currently I am preparing the demo for GENI about the flexibility of the OpenFlow 1.1 swich for several application. Mainly the demo is to show how much time it takes to change either the flow entries in the tables or to change the applications by changing the microcode on the fly.


Dernières publications

  • Omar El Ferkouss, Ben Ali, R., Lemieux, Y. et Omar Cherkaoui, "Performance model for mapping processing tasks to OpenFlow switch resources," in ICC 2012, Ottawa, Canada, 2012.
  • Omar El Ferkouss, Rudy Matela, Sergio Correia, Bochra Boughzala, Lemieux, Y., Ben Ali, R. et Omar Cherkaoui, "A 100 Gig OpenFlow 1.1 Switch," in GENI Engineering Conference 10, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2011.
  • Omar El Ferkouss, Sergio Correia, Ben Ali, R., Lemieux, Y, Julien, M., Tatipamula, M. et Omar Cherkaoui, "On the Flexibility of MPLS Application over an OpenFlow-enabled Network," in IEEE GLOBECOMM 2011 – Next Generation Networking Symposium (GC’11-NGN), Houston, USA, Texas, 2011.
  • Omar El Ferkouss, Ilyas Snaiki, Omar Mounaouar, Dahmouni, H., Lemieux, Y., Ben Ali, R. et Omar Cherkaoui, "A 100 Gig Network Processor Platform for OpenFlow," in IEEE CNSM 2011, Paris, France, 2011.

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