Imen Limam
Imen Limam, Ph.D.
Ancien(ne) étudiant(e) - Post doctorat


Imen LIMAM holds a PHD in Network and Computer Science from Paris 6 (University of Pierre and Marie Curie) in 2011, and Msc degree in Network from Paris6, and a Bsc. engineer from Sup'com (Ecole superieure des Communications) in Tunisia. She's actually a postdoc at UQAM (University of Quebec at Montreal). She works on network virtualization at the tele-informatic laboratory. She contributes on the netvirt project with Ericsson by studying the slice ressource allocation, the VM placement and migration, and the slice isolation in virtual switch. She also works on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and 3G virtualization. She used many theory to treat these problematics such as Graph theory, Game theory, Network Calculus, linear programming. In these areas, she published and reviewed many papers. In the past, she worked for France Telecom R&D on the UMTS network and for SFR/vodafone on Intelligent Networks.


Dernières publications

  • Bochra Boughzala, Imen Limam, Lemieux, Y. et Omar Cherkaoui, "Programming OpenFlow Switches using a Unified and a Dedicated High-Level Language," in Infocomm 2012, Orlando, USA, 2012.
  • Imen Limam, Ben Ali, R. et Omar Cherkaoui, "On the Problem of Mapping Virtual Machines to Physical Machines for Delay Sensitive Services," Anaheim, USA, 2012.
  • Mohammed El-Azzab, Imen Limam, Lemieux, Y. et Omar Cherkaoui, "Slices Isolator for a Virtualized OpenFlow Node'," in IEEE NCAA Network Cloud Computing and Applications, Toulouse, France, 2011.
  • Imen Limam et Omar Cherkaoui, "Performance Characterization of Signaling Traffic in IMS Virtualized Network," in 2010 IEEE International Conference IEEE ICC 2010-Wireless and Mobile Networking Symposium, CapTown, South Africa, 2010.
  • Bouyoucef, K., Imen Limam et Omar Cherkaoui, "Optimal allocation approach of virtual servers in cloud computing," in 6th EURO-NF Conference on Next Generation Internet (NGI) 2010, France, Paris, 2010.
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